Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It nearly drove me crazy - aarrrggg

Have you ever made a necklace or any item that looks so gorgeous in real life and yet when you try to photograph it for your web page it just does not come out right.
This necklace nearly drove me nuts.
I tried different colors - different light - on my skin (not my favorite way at all) - but nothing wanted to work so I listed it on Etsy with the ugly photos and naturally it got hardly any views.
Eventually my dad read the instruction manual for the camera (now who would have thought of that ha ha ha ha) and he found the solution and we got a great photo. Posted that one on Etsy too and Yay - the views went up. Just goes to show - if you product is gorgeous and the photos are bad - no-one will even look at it.


suzanne said...

Hello dear Denise

Your necklace is gorgeous I think its a winner! I hope you are well. I know your heart is broken and I wish for you some healing...

Warm regards

Jen said...

That is so true! Unfortunate, but definitely true. Anyway, the necklace looks great!

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